Individual Virtual Art Exhibition



    Where: Online on the official website www.sabrinafalzone.info and on the Facebook page

In a historical period such as the one we are experiencing, Covid-19 has generated a social fabric of uncertainty and fragility. In order that art does not disappear in such a delicate moment but rather is a valid support to the whole of humanity, the art critic Sabrina Falzone will continue to exhibit and promote selected artists on an international scale through virtual personal exhibitions with written text and with the online exhibition of the works on the official website www.sabrinafalzone.info and on the Facebook page Falzone Arte Contemporanea. At this moment, Art assumes an importance with a global impact for the transmission of a message of hope and positivity to the world.


50% discount for registration by December 31, 2021

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  • Critical text of the virtual exhibition by the art critic and historian Sabrina Falzone, which describes each work selected for the telematic project;
  • Registration and administrative management of the event;
  • Online exhibition with publication of the works published on the official websitewww.sabrinafalzone.info and on the Facebook page Falzone Arte Contemporanea;
  • Publication of the poster on the Falzone Arte Contemporanea Facebook page;
  • Preparation of the price list for the possibility of online sales with 20% deduction;
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